The human entity,

in our balanced form, is multifaceted and infinitely interconnected. Settler colonialist social constructions bring us out of balance with ourselves as creatures of nature. QNT LLC brings Ms. Morris's fiercely brilliant intuition into our processes for evolving our lives, our companies and our organizations.

Because humanity depends on one another so that we can live, because we need you to summon your brilliance in frequencies of joy and celebrations for the miracles we can co-create in our burgeoning new millenium 3 civilization.  

We need you. Thank you for being. Come forth.

Intuitive Consultant

Intuitive Consulting

Intuitive Consulting

Utilizing her treasure trove of creative tools for manifestation, Ms.Morris creates bespoke processes to help improve the experience of your life while conducting your evolutionary work in our world. Her deep empathy and observational skills, honed over decades of working with vulnerable and sensitive people in rehearsals and learning settings provide her with the playful curiosity and uncanny knowing which she thoroughly enjoys using to help you evolve your endeavors.

Somatic Facilitation

From her/their extensive somatic background instructing Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, yoga, holistic contemporary Pilates, West African dance fundamentals inflected modern dance, and more, Ms.Morris designs experiences for individuals and groups to let go of social conditioning and utilize movement to get more deeply in touch with themselves. Somatic facilitation helps you to flow more authentically through enjoying fulfillment in all aspects of life. Let your body breath. Each session is as unique as your needs.