About our Founder

Ms. Margaret M. Morris is visioning, channeling, conjuring and inscribing to our 3rd millennium civilization that we honor ourselves beyond global colonialist usurpations of our imaginations so that we can find out how ecologically humanity can live.

United States born descendant of those who survived the brutal transatlantic slave trade and the holocaust of Indigenous peoples by Western European colonialists, Ms. Morris is a consummate intuitive in the arts of improvisation, devised theater, poetic publications, and award winning choreographic and musical processes.

Ms. Morris has received honors from DanceWEB Vienna, High Concept Labs, Elastic Arts, the Chicago Dancemakers Forum, the Driehaus Foundation, City of Chicago office of Cultural Affairs and others. She had the distinct pleasure of activating esteemed visual artist Senga Nengudi's Improvisational Gestures (DePaul Art Museum), singing in the Berlin Jazz Fest, Crossing Borders Festival (the Hague, Netherlands) and Vision Fest (New York) and more.

She has guest facilitated at University of Illinois, College of Grayslake, Indiana University Bloomington, the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, Links Hall, Silverspace Chicago, Edens Expressway in NYC, Yoga Cares, Mordine and Company Youth Dance Company, After School Matters and others. Connect Below.

QNT LLC engages clients in processes

which reverse dangerously polarizing inferiorizations of the body from the mind; and of the ancient technologies of nature from human made technologies; when, in fact, all is intricately interconnected and interdependent.

Inferiorizations normalize dangerous myths of homo sapien homogeneity via systems which require painful and reductive social masking when humans are actually vastly neurologically diverse.

As we have seen in the case of Western European slave based economies of "North America," societies which require the suppression of neurodiversity in order to exist and sustain themselves are not acceptablee. The place of such systems is behind us in the annals of history.

Humanity benefits very highly from listening with our Proprioceptive energetic response known as somatics, which compose electromagnetic guidance systems which bring our sacred intuition more keenly into our awareness.

The depth of our abilities to efficiently respond to the guidance of our deepest knowing, the more complete our success becomes.