Through energetic somatics--which range from the simplicity of a handshake, to a lean in, mirroring a partners slow invitation to move, or a welcome hug--we can connect electromagnetic fields and channel universal energy to the aspects of you which need it most.

Honoring personal comfort and boundaries while opening ourselves to communicating our needs is essential for successful interactions. By extension, honoring personal boundaries is essential to laying groundwork for ecological societies.

Check in with yourself. Allow yourself the joy respecting your no's and exploring your yes's.

QNT LLC Energetic Somatics

The more deeply sensitive humanity allows ourselves to be--to say no to that which does not fortify us and yes to that which does--the more access we gain to the pleasure and fulfillment of our unique gifts to evolve to entire collective.

Boundary respecting touch can move us through feelings of isolation, stagnation, limbo, and anxiety. The body is a mechanism for circulating energy.

Energetic tuneup! Train your energy fields to get what you do need.

President of QNT LLC: Consultant; Somaticist, Artist, and Alchemist; Ms. Margaret M. Morris

QNT LLC provides intuitive consulting and facilitates somatic explorations which unlock your gracious authenticity, build community and bring more pleasure to our livesy. Our somatic energetics also compliment therapeutic wellness approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, various forms of talk therapy, plant medicines, as well as prescription psychiatric medication use. We encourage holistic approaches to addressing your needs which can address aspects of your well being which have not been given the necessary permissions to enjoy your best life.

The consulting and facilitation which QNT LLC provides are not therapy. We do not diagnose. Our philosophy is not based on there being anything wrong with you. Instead, we move to release that which doesn't serve you and make room for the strength of your brilliant, beautiful spirit to emerge and blossom.

We provide guidance to assist you in accepting your paradoxes and flowing into personal and collective well being.

If you are experiencing any of the following, you are likely to benefit from QNT LLC Consulting

For individuals: Social anxiety, feeling stuck and in need of flows, Trauma, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, anxiety and/or depression

For Partners: Marital and Relationship Challenges, Trouble Connecting, Difficulty Communicating

For groups: Needing to build stronger teams and families, Siloed work positions leading to feelings of isolation among staff, Needing to build more care and understanding into your ways of working together.

Energetic Somatic Flows can be done in nature, with pole, furniture, empty space, paint on walls/paper/canvas, vocal chords toning and speaking, hands writing.