One: Digiceutical Oracle Under Construction

1. Be sensitive to your inner trajectories of no's and yes's to "what if" projections of thought.

2. Notice to whom and what you are willing to place your faith and why? From the seed of which thought are you growing your present moment? What is your experience? What is its effect on your emotions? Are you willing to consider various lenses for interpreting the data streaming in through your senses?

3. Try empathizing with the elements of nature. Gnosis is available here. The degree to which you prefer to engage or not is your choice.

QNT LLC Evolving our capacities to allow ourselves to be visionary and manifest more highly evolved ecological and sustainable lives. Self care is essential.

The enemy is reductionist thought. Win.

Card 2: Hootie Hoo

Card 3: Orbital Maneuvers is rated M for Mature. It contains no words except for the title, a call to the action of peace within the paradoxes of a war promoting human standard.