Support your strength with deep releasing. And support the depth of your releasing with the strength of your spirit. A more balanced alignment of the musculature naturally results . Accept the paradoxes within yourself. Be at peace.

Support the resolution of inner conflicts while rebalancing the tensegrities within the system of sheaths which holds together all of your organs--the fascia.

Our amazing and miraculous fascia is a system of interconnected tissues which encases all the organs, including the visceral organs the muscles, the bones, the tissues of the nervous system, and various gladular systems throughout our bodies.

Somatic Practice

Vibratory movement activates the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system collects and pumps toxins out of the body.

Somatic Practices with QNT LLC are not therapy. There is no diagnosis involved. The philosophy behind this process is not based on there being anything wrong with you. Instead, we release the fascia as a gateway to releasing unsustainable habitual patterns from your body and mind, and strengthen from a place of balanced release. Let some things go and get into a better feeling.

Drink plenty of water.

"Allow the breath to flow through the entirety of your trillions of cells while releasing any energy that you don't need in order to thrive and flourish ecologically and sustainably for yourself all of humanity with our Earth ."